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My work uses many different materials the main criteria being that they are found, recycled or reclaimed although with commissions this can sometimes only partially be achieved.

Some examples of materials used:
• Timber from the beaches
• Fossils
• Prehistoric tools found in local fields
• Metal from old cars or the scrap yard
• Stone made from cement and fire ash

The recycling aspect of my pieces alongside their visual impact is important to me – I want their ecological footprint to be as small as possible.


Wooden pieces are fine outside although their life can be prolonged by regular applications of preservative.

Most of my steel items are used internally and are finished with a wax application. This wax is readily available and the pieces can therefore be refreshed easily. Some pieces are lacquered but my personal preference is for wax as it gives a much warmer feel when handled.

Steel kept outside will of course rust and many of my clients view this as the life of a piece. I am however experimenting with laquer at the moment as used on the ‘Wishing Shell’ and my own VW Van!

I also use stainless steel which has a natural external life span and the same is true of my ‘stone’ mix carvings.